The idea behind RSVP festival is to find two days in a year where all of us who are involved in the event execution can gather our thoughts and mingle, learn and talk about what is going on in the industry. From sales people, developers, managers, production and designer teams, catering businesses, event is a spiderweb of segments working in sync to reach that one goal… the perfect event.

This festival is for all You beautiful people who leave blood, sweat and tears on the event venues.



What can you expect at the festival?

This year we will prepare 4 main tracks where you will be able to choose your preference regarding the content you want to check out.

  • How to sell ice to Eskimos – track focused on Sales and tools to help you boost your financial results before, during and after the event
  • We know you want it – this track is all about wants and needs…so, you guessed it, the focus of this track will be on the Marketing and what it can do for your event
  • So last year – today is today and today is all about keeping up with Technology. This is what this track is all about – tools, ideas, apps and so much more
  • Be kind and rewind – To know where we want to go we need to know where we went. This track will be filled with Case studies, presentations and casual talks about cool and inspiring past projects

You will find more details about presentations on our Program section once it’s live.

Until then you are free to nominate your lecture if you want to be a part of this festival, we will try to incorporate it into final program.

Use this link to nominate lecture.


In addition to specific tracks mentioned above we will have main stage where you will be able to participate in special panel discussions on the start and end of each day.



Those who visited us last year knows that as part of RSVP festival we have prepared a showroom where we showed off some of the best new equipment and setups for the event execution.
 This year we will try to make it even bigger.
Our goal is to create ultimate showroom where all of us who are in this business can experience event tools first hand. From light, sound, scenography to food, drinks and applications, we can’t create event without proper tools and we will try to give you a chance to take a glance at the best ones on market.


Crown of this festival is essentially your crown, our annual awards Attend. We have 8 categories in which you can submit your events and try to impress our international jury. Ceremony will be held on the second day of festival, where we will get our winners and one overall winner for Best event of the year. Don’t forget, submission to Attend awards are free and there is no limitation to how many different events you can submit.
We hope that RSVP 2018 festival will tingle your interest and we are looking forward seeing you there.

Don’t think about it, just RSVP.