Attend Award

This is the place.


We won’t try to talk you into it, but let’s just say that 10 minutes of browsing through your archive of 2017 projects, can earn you a cool award and recognition from your peers.
 We know that you don’t have a time, we know, we work in same field as you.
 But, why not help us to gaze upon you hard work and be amazed by it.



So, this is the deal, there are 8 categories in which you can submit your work. 

Events eligible for Attend 2018 are all those held from 1/1/2017 till 31/12/2017. 

Unbias international jury will grade your work based on creativity, innovation and event results. 

3 best scored events in each category will enter finals and one of those 3 will take category award. 
Simple as that. Oh, and all the category winners will participate for the award of the Best event of the year. 
How cool is that.


And categories are:

Best B2B / B2C / Internal Event
Events focused on business partners and coworkers, like company anniversary events, team building events, partner forums, etc.

Best Product / Service launch Event
Events specifically created for introducing (launching) new products, solutions, projects or services.

Best Conference / Expo / Fair
Events created for purpose of gathering professionals, companies, associations or any other group under one theme and on one venue.

Best Sport Event
Events focused on sport and/or theme surrounding sport culture, brands and professionals.

Best Music Event
Events focused on music and/or theme surrounding music culture, brands and professionals.

Best Cultural Event
Events focused on culture, showbiz, entertainment and events that are of culture value for general public.

Best Non-profit / Humanitarian Event
Events created strictly with non-profit goals and with common good values.

Best Digital Event
Events that were held on digital and multimedia platforms (interactive digital campaigns)

For more details and rules about Attend awards you can click here.

Submissions are now closed.