Workshop – Choosing a moderator: lucky shot or science?

Not every good moderator suits every meeting. How do you choose the right moderator for your event? Do you take your chances or do you select the ideal moderator on the right criteria? Learn to choose wisely!

When choosing an event moderator, the main thing is to know that not all moderators are alike. Having seen one of the many professionals in the industry excel, doesn’t mean that that same professional is capable of making your event a success. So simply hiring one only on the basis of a previous performance is not a guarantee. Contrary to what most self – employed moderators like to make you believe, they are not the best option for every meeting in this universe. Every meeting-moderator has his/her unique characteristics…and so does your event! You put a great deal of effort in making your meeting brilliant; then why do we put so little effort into fine-tuning the moderation? So, in getting the right match between your meeting and the moderator, what do you take into consideration? There’s four important criteria: skills, personality, type of event and relation to the subject. In this interactive and hands-on session we will look at these criteria together and learn to use them.

Outcome #1:You will understand the chemistry and mathematics of moderation
Outcome #2:You will learn how to choose the right moderator
Outcome #3:You will have more control in the Return on your investment

Location: Dvorana Lopud Date: 8. Veljača 2017. Time: 10:00 - 11:35 Hans Etman, Master in Moderation