Promise of mobile in the digitalization of event industry

With 2.5 billion smartphones in people s pockets already in 2016, 2.5 billion more users will come to market by 2020. Almost all eventgoers have one. All millennials own one for sure. Estimated 20 million events happen globally, annually. The industry,
that has long been offline, is going through a major digitalization. Consumers smartphones penetration and new habits being the trigger and the driving force for mobile first-thinking. Among key learnings and takeaways, we ll explore how can consumer and professional events use and gain from mobile tech to:

DELIVER BETTER USER EXPERIENCES? Extend and augment event experience? Create real value for attendees before, during and after event?

FACILITATE mCOMMERCE? Today s eventgoers have expectations for smooth checkouts and mPayments with mobile. How to meet that need?

CAPTURE DATA? Gain insights to event data on a wider spectrum? What is actionable event data that you can access and analyze? Examples of use cases. End goal: event optimization. Better data, better events.

Location: Dvorana Kornati Date: 7. Veljača 2017. Time: 10:00 - 10:30 Aivar Laan, Festivality