Sustainable and secure events with wearable technology

Each event aims to showcase the best solutions to fit their unique needs and wants.
The challenge for event planners today is to find more sustainable and secure measures to do so.
Event software pairs with wearable technology to offer innovative opportunities for more sustainable and secure events. It is not solely a question of how to implement these technologies, rather how to continuously evolve and develop them today for a greener and safer tomorrow.
As a pioneer in the event industry, Boomset encourages coaction between event software and technology. Boomset’s intuitive software aims to improve efficiency and
bring excitement to events with on-site check-in/badge and wristband printing, RFID management, digital lead capture, and other on-site event solutions.
It saves time, cost, and energy by offering solutions and single-click integrations built for the needs of the events community.
Join Boomset ‘s CEO Kerem Baran to learn how to more sustainable (and secure) events for planners and attendees at 2017’s RSVP Festival

Location: Dvorana Kornati Date: 7. Veljača 2017. Time: 12:00 - 12:30 Kerem Baran, Boomset